Lessons from enlightened despotism for monetary and economic policy

While I was sitting here juggling between past and future (for an upcoming blog post) the present came to my rescue.

Yesterday, as Mario Draghi was beginning his press conference after the meeting of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank, a woman protestor jumped on the desk in front of him and proceeded to throw paper pages, and then confetti, at him. During the brief seconds that it took for her to be grabbed and expelled from the room by the security staff, she apparently shouted ‘End ECB dictatorship!’ – although, actually, she was wearing a t-shirt featuring a similar sounding phrase: ‘End the ECB dick-tatorship!’ Apparently the attacker was one Josephine Witt, an ex-member of the feminist organisation FEMEN, so this was an attack on either autocracy or phallocracy.

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